Upgrading to TE v18.

Since Minecraft 1.13, Mojang changed its internal enchantment system.  In order to move smoothly migrate from a pre-v18 TokenEnchant to a post-v18 TokenEnchant on your pre-1.13 Minecraft server, you should capture all your registered enchantments information, so that that enchantment information can be re-used with v18 TokenEnchant.

Step 1:
Say, you're running Minecraft 1.8.8 server and have been running pre-v18 TokenEnchant.  
What you need to do for the first step is to install EnchantmentListing plugin and restart your 1.8.8 server with old (pre v18) TokenEnchant.

This will generate "enchantIDs.yml" in your TokenEnchant folder.  This file lists all your currently installed enchantments.

Step 2:
Keep "enchantIDs.yml" in your TokenEnchant folder, and replace your old TokenEnchant's jar file with TokenEnchant-18.x.x.jar. Then restart your server.  Your server with TokenEnchant v18 will maintain the enchantment ID information from your old system.