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  Offering Services

Palomero33  FEB 19, 2023  |  OFFERING SERVICES  |  NO MESSAGES YET
Vendo network completa de minecraft en español.Contactame por discord: Palomero33#7485 IP: WEB: www.rataland.netAhora mismo hay solo 2 modalidades activas: Anárquico y Survival Earth, que es una modalidad survival con el mapa del planeta tierra, pero si compras la network te incluiré unas modalidades aparte que las puedes agregar si deseas: Skyblock, Survival Custom, Skywars, Survival Realm (el realm no está acabado pero usa resourcepack y tiene cosas como muebles, items personalizados, menús personalizados etc...)INCLUYE:Servidor Waterfall y Lobby Modalidades: Survival Earth, Survival Custom, Survival Realm, Skyblock, Skywars, Anárquico. Página web MUY COMPLETA que utiliza software de Leaderos y tiene licencia permanente ( solo deberás pagar 2€ al mes para el host. Servidor de discord con 285 usuarios actualmente. Dominio que se renueva cada año en junio, 14€ al año aproximadamente. Logos de rataland, iconos para productos, mucho contenido gráfico (+500). Si compras la network a tiempo podrás disfrutar de Host gratuito hasta que acabe: Lobby y Bungeecord hasta mitades de abril de 2023, Survival Earth hasta el 20 de marzo aproximadamente, Anárquico con host ilimitado (hice un truco para conseguir un servidor de 4g ram 24/7 gratis para siempre), Página web hasta el 20 de febrero de 2023, dominio hasta mitades de junio de 2023.
Everly | Custom YouTube notification bot
Everly allows you to bring your bot, customize the bot's name, about me, profile picture, and more! Typically, this feature would only be a thing for self-hosting, which takes a monthly fee each month; but look no further! Let Everly do all the work; thanks to its serverless infrastructure, your bot will be on 24/7 with a 99.9% uptime rate. While without paying for hosting on a subscription basis :)How does this differ from something like MEE6 or Arcane?Firstly, MEE6 costs $12 each month for this feature (without bot customization), and it could be faster, frequently not even working. Arcane, however, works, but it can be better. Secondly, these bots need to allow for in-depth customization. With Everly, you can customize every detail with embeds and buttons (did I mention complete control over the bot account!?)Let me know your thoughts, and find more information at the store or our Discord
🤖 High Quality Discord Bots At A Competitive Price - ConHNation Services
conhnation  JAN 1, 2023  |  OFFERING SERVICES  |  NO MESSAGES YET
StellaNode - Minecraft Hosting - $2/gb
Rebel Services | Service Provider
⭐ Rebel Services is one of the best upcoming service teams on the market. We connect clients and freelancers together, ensuring that the client receives the best possible product, and the freelancer the safety, and desired platform to get new customers. We offer configuration, server setups, system administration, writing, building, graphic design, development, web services, and more.✔️ Discord: Join our discord today and get in touch with our freelancers:🤵 Careers: Apply to become a Freelancer today, simply join our Application discord, and open a ticket: not convinced? Contact CEO EvenX#9984 on discord to get more information about Rebel Services.
[15$/h] | [💻] Experienced Sys Admin - Minecraft/Linux/Azure/Others [👷]
Who am I? Hey there, I'm Stefano. And I'm offering my services as a systems administrator. I've managed a multitude of Minecraft servers, and their backend systems like GeslotenKingdom, and the "PuddieCraft (As a Ferox rep)" server. Where I help as a rep from Ferox Hosting and Geode Hosting.What (major) projects have I worked on? What gives me confidence in my work? A great example of one of my (exploded) projects is "The 2022 r/place Atlas" and the "r/place wiki" Both projects have their way of being set up, and I have obtained the experience of working with them over time. I host my projects like a website for "Pinewood Builders" even with its own (fully open source) GitLabThis gives me the confidence I'd be able to assist you with your tools, plans, or other installation that you may need. Mostly because all of these use one form of hosting websites, bots, or the skills like CI/CD used in actual jobs. Feel safe knowing that your server/passion project is in good hands.Do you have any certifications? No, not right now. However, I am planning to obtain the following certificates: MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-104: Microsoft Azure AdministratorWhat pricing do you have? Honestly, I don't know. Feel free to ask me what you would like to have done! And what you think my time is worth to you. Depending on the time, effort, and plausibility of what has to be done. I give my pricing if I'd have to put it at a baseline. I'd say 15$/h. This is tracked through my own self-hosted InvoiceNinja dashboard.Feel free to make an account if you'd like to use my services, this makes my work easier as I'd have your details (that I may require) before even getting in contact with you!What if I have questions? Feel free to ask them in my PMs or this thread, I encourage you to post it in the thread as other people will be able to see the response in the reserved thread below if it's important enough!
JohannesHQ's Services
NoPermission  MAY 21, 2022  |  OFFERING SERVICES  |  NO MESSAGES YET
Hi reader,I am Johannes, 22 years old. I have 10 years of experience in Minecraft & networking. I've been very interested in servers since I've been playing Minecraft and have always been involved with them.I helped many servers, and also built many servers. I had stepped away from Minecraft for a while. And now I've decided to help other server owners!What I do: System Administration Server Maintenance (Security & Server Setups/Configurations Java Developing (front & back-end) Server Performance Upgrades Pterodactyl Setup And more Because I'm still fairly new and haven't built up a good portfolio yet, I do everything for a decent price.GitHub: Discord: JohannesHQ#5133 Minecraft Accounts: NoPermission, MassiveLag
Hello my name is Frank and besides being a configurator I have a YouTube channel for years that has been growing, right now I am advertising servers of any kind with a video for some money, the truth is that my intention is not to earn much since I don't I have a defined price for the service and I don't want to be a burden for the company/server.​ 🎈 You pay what you want. 🎈 The video of your server is permanent. 🎈 I can record or upload your content. 🎈 Any version. 🎈 Any games. 🎈 Full server. 🎈 Minecraft premium and no premium. 🎈The youtube video will also be on tiktok (I do this for free).Channel:​ CONTACT:❗Discord: Frax#4790 ❗Private message from MCMarket ❗Payment methods: Paypal / Crypto
Custom texturepack for your server
Greeting,I'm KeoMut, currently working as a founder of a Minecraft Services Team. Today, i'm here to talk about our services.We are offering a texturepack services. So, what do we do ?We make cusom texturepack depends on your request with paid. We will report the progress to you oftenly and you will be able to adjust the gui as many time as you want. After the payment is done, you will receive: A texturepack Deluxemenus config (If you order the gui option) A TOS and Guidance Here is some of our work: The price is decided according to your request. But here is a basic price Tooltips/Rank/Prefix - 0.5$ each GUI - 4 $ each Item model - 15$ each Attention: The price can get higher due to your request, this is only the starting price
⚔️SkyPixel Development⚔️ - Free Setups/Configs for vouch!
SkyPixel Development offers Custom Server Setups and Custom Configs **We are a group of highly experienced and dedicated server and java developers with a combined 25+ years of experience. We strive to provide uniqueness and variety in everything we produce. We aim to provide quality support alongside quality products! We even make setups using your custom plugins and your premium plugins! Support can be reached on our Discord Server Use the Support Chat channel for small issues. Create a ticket by typing s!ticket in the commands channel for large issues.Support relies on you having purchased a product from us. You can acquire a quote by joining our Discord and creating a ticket with s!ticket in the commands channel! Currently, we are giving away free configs for vouches on our thread! Join our Discord and tell us what we can configure for you by opening a ticket with s!ticket in the commands channel! Here you can find some examples of our work Setups: SurvivalPlus OG Premium Setup Plugins: Survival Plus (the plugin)
Selling Hypixel BedWars Setup + Test server.
CrustyClouds  SEP 28, 2021  |  OFFERING SERVICES  |  NO MESSAGES YET
Selling "Hypixel BedWars" setup for 50$ with BedWars Practice, Winstreaks, Cosmetics, Map selector, Diamond/Emerald Generator rotation, Tab fix, Two bed sounds, HealPool, Fireball jumping/Damage fix, TNT as Hypixel and all possible bugs are fixed from BedWars1058. each day 20-30 players are testing it and there is no bugs discovered yet. Cosmetics include: Victory dances (12) Kill messages (24) Shopkeepers (54) Projectile trails (35) Final kill effects (23) Sprays (28) Death cries (32) Bed Destroy effects (16) All in one plugin + MySQL/MariaDB support. For whole setup if you have 100 - 1000 players you should have at least 8 servers. If you have less than 100 players, you can go with a single server. If you are interested and want to test, message me and i will provide with a test server. Discord: CrustyClouds#1120
✨EQUARE Studios ✨ High-Quality and Affordable Plugin Development ✔️
Hello all!I am Quared, the founder of EQUARE Studios, here to talk to you about my services.What is EQUARE Studios? EQUARE Studios is a Spigot plugin development server, where you can buy custom or pre-made plugins from us. We offer fast delivery times, cheap prices, and high-quality plugins.Why choose us over anyone else? You should choose us, because of our cheap prices and reliable services. While developing your plugin, we will work with you to try and make your plugin exactly what you want. We will also offer configuration, in case you do not like the design of the plugin.Here at EQUARE Studios, we know what it's like to be a small server owner with a small budget trying to find a developer, but they are all so expensive. That's why we make our prices so cheap.How do I purchase a plugin? Join our Discord server. First, you must read the Terms of Service and Rules. Once you have agreed to these, you will gain access to the server. Click on #create-a-ticket to create a commission ticket. It can take up to 24 hours to receive a response from a programmer.What past work have you done? You can see our past work on the Discord server, by viewing the channel #portfolio. I have developed my own server (, you can check out and see what I have done.What are your prices [BungeeCord and Spigot]? DISCLAIMER: These prices are not final, and will most likely differ depending on the product. Basic Plugin: $0 USD Something that takes < 1 hour. No need to charge anything. Small Plugin: $3-10 USD Could be some basic commands, join messages, etc. Would take 1-3 hours. Medium Plugin: $10-25 USD Could be interactive commands, scoreboards, GUIs, etc. Would take 1-3 days Large Plugin: $25-80 USD Could be a friends/party system, ban/mute manager, a leaderboard system, etc. Would take 3-7 days Minigame/Game Plugin: > $100 USD Games could be a core KitPvP plugin, a core SkyBlock plugin, a core Lobby plugin, etc. Would take 7+ days. What are your delivery times? You can find the delivery times in the prices section above. They are a guideline and may differ depending on the plugin size.Links: Discord:
Custom Rankup Setup
Larinaria  JUL 4, 2021  |  OFFERING SERVICES  |  2 MESSAGES
Rankup is a premium plugin and not part of this offer. You should already own Rankup before placing an order! Get Rankup here: SERVICE What I'm offering is a Custom, fully functional rankups.yml (and optionally prestiges.yml as well). Any changes to Rankup's configuration will be covered. If you have groups and perks ready I will include them in the service once you send me the list. If you don't have any groups set up, I will be happy to include them in the service for no extra cost. Configuration of groups is excluded from offer. If you already have your groups set up, you will get more out of this offer, since I will be able to add more information to the file.In short, you will receive: A fully functional rankups.yml A fully functional prestiges.yml (if ordered.) ETA The ETA depends on the order size. I will let you know beforehand, of course.RESTRICTIONS Rankup as a plugin has some restrictions that you should be aware of before placing an order so you don't get surprised when placing it.namely: The /ranks GUI cannot currently accommodate more than 54 ranks. The GUI is limited to a double chest. If you exceed the amount, Rankup won't work. Text-based /ranks will continue to work. Rankup is only guaranteed by the Dev to work on Spigot. Purpur and Paper will also work, but aren't guaranteed. Anything else is not recommended by the dev. Rankup works very poorly with GroupManager. Read Rankup's FAQ for more information.EXAMPLES OF MY WORK RanksGUI: Confirmation GUI: PRICINGPrice per Rankup step. €1,50 extra per prestige per Rankup step. €0,20Example You want 10 Rankup steps with 5 prestiges. That will amount to €25.- ( €1.5 + €0.2 × 5 prestiges per rankup ) × 10 rankup steps = €25.-CONTACT My preferred method of communication is Discord. Discord: flurbudurbur#2085 Discord server: Email: [email protected]