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  Requesting Services

Hydrabank - Hiring System Admins
We are currently seeking skilled System Administrators to join our new freelance collective and contribute to a variety of projects!Company Overview: Our freelance collective is a dynamic and collaborative community of system administrators who work on diverse projects and clients from various industries. We provide comprehensive system administration solutions including: server management, network administration, security implementation, and technical support.Job Responsibilities: As a System Administrator, you will be responsible for doing the following: Deploying and configuring, and maintaining servers and network infrastructure. Monitoring system performance and ensuring high availability. Troubleshooting hardware and software, and or network issues. Implementing security to protect systems and data. Managing user accounts, permissions, and access controls. Conducting system backups and disaster recovery planning. Collaborating with clients and team members to understand project requirements. Providing technical support and resolving user inquiries. Qualifications: To be successful in this role, you should possess the following qualifications: Proven experience as a System Administrator or in a similar role. If not you will most likely be tested. Strong knowledge of Linux/Unix and/or Windows server environments. Proficiency in managing virtualization technologies (e.g., VMware, Hyper-V). Familiarity with cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Google Cloud). Experience with networking protocols, firewall configurations, and security practices. Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills. Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Strong communication and interpersonal skills. Relevant certifications (e.g., CCNA, MCSA, RHCE) are a plus. How to Apply: If you're interested in joining our freelance collective as a System Administrator, please submit your resume along with a brief description of your experience and any relevant certifications. We would appreciate it if you could also include a few sentences about yourself and why an inclusive work environment is important to you.To apply, please join our Discord community by following the link: . Our Discord server is a space where you can connect with our team, ask questions, and talk with clients, and learn more about all available opportunities.
Looking for a developer (custom minigames)
ModernManuh  JUL 13, 2023  |  REQUESTING SERVICES  |  2 MESSAGES
Hello! We are looking for a developer (or a dev team) to work with. As the title says, we need someone that has experience in creating minigames.Q&A Could you please add more details? We'd rather not say too much in a public post, at least for now. What's your budget? We will pay but we are still trying to figure out an honest price for the request, we will not talk about the price until is the right moment, do not ask please. How do I trust you? Technically, you don't have to; PayPal allows to pay for services, granting protection for both parts. Once the job is done I will need support for any possible bug that users may found, and if the project goes well we might also ask for extra features (and pay for them as well).I'm sorry but my english is very basic, so my post probably doesn't look that serious but I am taking this seriously.If you have experience in developing minigames and you are interested in working with us, I suggest contacting us on Discord (modernmanuh) or by sending me a message on Telegram (@ModernManuh). I will respond here as well, but I am more active on those platforms.
[WEB DEVELOPMENT] Looking to join service teams/providing web development services. [OPPORTUNITY TO EARN]
SCROLL DOWN IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT AN OPPORTUNITY TO EARNHello! I'm looking to join any service teams that require front-end development. additionally im also open for commissions. Here's my work Project - 2[OPPORTUNITY TO EARN]Basically, you find front-end web development clients for me. And in return you earn a percentage of the total amount. Below is how you will be paid if the order is a certain value <$100 = 80% Mine, 20% Yours $100-250 = 75% Mine, 25% Yours More than 250 = 70% Mine, 30% Yours If you are interested Add me On discord. and we can chat further Arqade#5095
Developer Position | Executable Items | Modeling |
SigniaEternal  APR 16, 2023  |  REQUESTING SERVICES  |  1 MESSAGE
My name is SigniaEternal, I am Creator and founding Owner of TRAFOMC. A transformers themed Minecraft server with factions, survival and roleplay. My current developer is not available due to personal life and this leaves the spot open to someone new to help. He recently switched to using Optifine for the server (for the models).I am in search of a developer who can help me with adding models to executable items and or editing models / creating them. This position is fundamental to my server and to my players so contact me if interested and we can talk about pay and or position with my community. My contact info is down below if you or someone you may know is interested.Discord: SigniaEternal#9543 Email: [email protected] you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!
AlcheMC Skyblock - Hiring!
Positions Hiring » Builders - payment is open for discussion! » Admins - Specifically looking for individuals who can create config content to design spec. » Artists - not urgently hiring, but would love to include someone on the team! Resource Pack Artist needed for long term production Logo/Branding Artist needed for short commission About AlcheMC The overall gamemode is Skyblock - with a unique twist of players being required to use an internally developed Alchemy System to create the sources and custom items needed to be successful in the game design. This is our key feature - and is supported by a "soft" adventuring island hub where players can fight mobs and obtain custom items to be converted into OP Gear, Furniture and Decor, and various other things. About The Team The team currently consists of two programmers and one administrator who is working some configs when they have time. As the project lead and owner, I myself am also filling the roles of Builder and Artist which is overall slowing development. Additional Information Server External Design Doc » Staff Discord (applications) » Public Discord (follow the project!) » free to join either discord and ask questions! I'm pretty open about our development since a lot of the core features are private development!
We are looking for team members!
Our organization is currently seeking talented individuals who are passionate about the fields of building, pixel-art, and modeling. We are looking for team members who are able to take on commissions and create outstanding work that will leave a lasting impact on our clients.If you have a passion for building, pixel-art, or modeling, and have a strong portfolio to show for it, we'd love to hear from you! Our team members will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, from small personal commissions to large-scale corporate projects, and everything in between.If you're interested in joining our team, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon!Discord:
Multiple service request nordic SMP systems
vaporkitten  JAN 14, 2023  |  REQUESTING SERVICES  |  NO MESSAGES YET
Multiple service request "Quote each or combined" Budget is expandable, name what your time is worth and we can discuss it from thereHunter profession Using MMOitems as for itemization The player is able to sneak+rightclick with a skinning knife on a selection of dead NPC's "corpses are generated when the entity dies, then removed either after 2 minuts or removed when skinned by a player Skins can be used to craft warm clothes to survive strong icy biomes like Jutenheim and Nilfheim, controlled by either a "region" based selection or lands thing When skinning hunter exp is gained and a selection of skins based on the mob is rewarded 100% of the time, scales with hunterlevel up to 4 skins in bonus for a single skinning session The hunter can exclusively make these armors "besides leather" which is available to everyone. an idea could be that the hunter can make a hardened leather version or reinforced leather version with more defence Florist/herbalist profession Using MMOitems as for itemization Florits/herbalists can exclusively pick custom herbs in the game and brew ambrosias and teas. these herbs have a particle emitting from them, based on profession level Tea's and ambrosias can have multiple effects but more effects the lower the duration One cannot drink the same drink twice "10 second cooldown" Teas can be used to put out fire and wither on yourself just like milk. "heals and saturations, negative statuseffects" ambrosias can be used to enhance ones powers such as haste/strenght so "buffs" BUILDER Profession The player "the builder" is able to take in player commisions from customers the customer can order a specific size area for their build an example would be 10x10 blocks and set their budget price on area depends on tiers. the customer can choose their commision takers based on their Builder tier Builders can gain Builder Karma, this is a pointsystem that determinates the rank of the builder outside the "jobs" level There is 4 tiers of builders. when the customer accepts the commision taker "the builder" the customer is presented with the base cost of the build as per size "tier fee" + their own budget when the builder is done building the area, they can now turn in the project for revision, the customer can now either accept or choose revisions as many times as they need When choosing accept the customer pays the builder their fee + the set budget if the customer chooses revision. the money is withdrawn from their account, and noticed that they have 1 revision left untill the project gets more expendsive if the customer uses more than the allowed revisions the project gets drasticly more expendsive, each revision increases the build cost by additional 15% Finally on accepting the builders, build. The player is now forced to give between 1-10 Builder Karma points based on their satisfaction. this ensures that the builder gets a good rep. the builder can start a build with /startbuilding, when this is done an area of the selected size is created as a region with full permissions "the area cannot extend over existing claims" when using /startbuilding. the area is now selected on the ground and framed by Limegreen wool blocks. within the area they are free to build other players cannot enter this area or place/break blocks. Flowing of lava and water is not allowed too Ideas welcome as for the following Cooker Crafter Digger : perhaps a form of archeology, to be able to make Quarries and look for artifacts Engineer Explorer Smelter Tamer Taster Farmer Miner woodcutter Weaponsmith Enchanter Florists/herbalist Norse Gods pledge system Currently not in use we need a system, we use itemsadder and maby happyhud, further details can be added if you are interested The system should consist of a pledge system based on spirit, each player can obtain a maximum of 100 spirit, changing or taking a pledge costs 50 spirit their talents or perks is based on exp gained within the pledge, exp gained is permanently added and is not reset on choosing another pledge A player can choose to become a diciple of either of the gods after reaching max level and by restarting into "Newgame mode" gaining twice the effects Add options for players to buy pledge pass - allowing one to pledge too 2 gods at the same time
AVOXMC NETWORK - Looking for Management & In-Game Positions! - APPLY TODAY!
Apply Today!AvoxMc Network is looking for volunteers to join the staff team with various positions to fill. All the way from the in-game positions to more management-appointed positions.Join the Discord Community: 🔗 A&J:A&J is in the process of going back to their old ways of getting new experiences in front of new people. A&J have had a following for a couple of years, but the following has been decreasing ever since COVID-19, with all the thought that went into making some of A&J’s old servers they are coming back to execute something great.“We are glad we can continue to change lives and alleviate people’s boredom at home."About AvoxMc Network:One of A&J’s current projects is AvoxMc Network. Avox Network is a forthcoming Minecraft Server Network starring Survival, yup, just survival. JUST KIDDING, not just survival, Avox Network is in the process of redesigning the Minecraft survival experience. A&J comments; “Regular survival has been around for way too long, we need to spice it up.” says John. With this in mind we can guarantee that A&J’s efforts will be brought forward contemplating this the whole way through.Progress:Since this server is being brought up entirely from scratch a lot of initiation and preparation had to be done, such as;Designed a brand entity for Avoxmc Network Staff Application & Recruitment Process Purchased Hosting, Domain, and Website Installed an archive database These are just some of the few advancements Avox has made so far and in order to proceed AvoxMC is in need of staff.Open Positions:Please join the Discord server for further opportunities or information.A full list of positions can be found here: 🔗 to apply:RequirementsAble to contribute at least seven hours a week to Avoxmc Network Interest in bringing joy to people and wearing many hats Fluent in English 14 years of age and above (position-specific). By being present in the Discord Community, it is quicker for all of us to communicate. We are using Airtable forms for the application process. Using the link provided, fill in the required details and we will get back to you shortly using Discord.Join the Avox Network Discord server: 🔗 Complete this application form: 🔗 Reply in this thread to let us know you have submitted your application!Thank you for taking an interest in AvoxMC Network!All the best, the A&J Developments team.
Mytheral Network Are you interested in the new... JOIN NOW You can find the application form in the #📝╎applications channel!Are you bored of the basic gamemodes that every server offers you, with nothing interesting? Are you seeking for something new?! Mytheral network is an upcoming server with lots of custom gamemodes such as Super Smash, Crystal Wars, Drago's chamber, survival but with an interesting twist and more coming later in the future... . Mytheral Network has been completely custom coded!Mytheral Network is seeking for staff. Before applying, you'll have to meet some requirements. As we expect that our staff members are professional, mature, dedicated and flexible. Do you think you fit this profile and meet our requirements than go ahead and apply! Some of the available positions are helper, moderator, sr. mod, admin & sr. admin.
⭐🦄Looking for Senior Staff + Team Staff for The Last Blockbender!🦄⭐
What is The Last Blockbender?We're a community that loves Avatar the Last Air Bender and The Legend of Korra and Minecraft! Join our Minecraft server to become a bender yourself and control the elements in Survival and 10+ Arenas! We host weekly + monthly events across our 3 servers; Survival, Creative, and Arenas where you can earn rewards and perks for participating.What Staff are we looking for?Normal Staff:We are looking for everything (except helpers we have too many of those!). If you're interested in a normal staff role feel free to join our discord server and do /apply in #applications and have a look around!Senior Staff:This is quite all-encompassing tbh but we need a couple of people who are willing to do either planning or execution of the project and we just want to have a chat in general about where you would want to fit in the staff team and what role/tasks you would like to oversee. Eg. This could be project planning or leading the community and events team... there is no real role description here and we are open to having a chat about what you wanna do! :) For this DM Nachtmaken#4248 for more info and to start the chatting process.TLDR;Looking for staff: Normal Staff do /apply in the applications channel (on discord) and play on the serverSenior Staff: DM Nachtmaken#4248 on discordDiscord: ip: play.thelastblockbender.comTIA,Nachtmaken (TLB Manager)
Looking for talent staff
🔈 *RECRUITMENT ALWAYS AVAILABLE We are an Asian server hosting in Singapore, currently seeking for a passionate, matured, responsible and talented teammate who is interested to create a better server, better game experience for players!! Join our team, let us create a different server!Who are we looking for? 1.  Builders x 5 2.  Quest creator - BetonQuest x  2 3.  MMOItem creator x1 - creation of weapons in config. 4.  Helperx 2 Mobs Creator x 2 - creation of skills & mobs in Mythicmobs Config REQUIREMENTS: 🌟Age ≥ 16 🌟 passionate, matured, responsible and talented teammate 🌟 In love of interact players & active staff 💓 🌟 Well communication in English and (Optional Chinese) 🌟 Team-player 🌟 Volunteer   Builders >> Able to work yourself & WorldEdit, sense of beauty & creativity Quest creator >> Creativity on ideas of Quest, with Experience in BetonQuest MMoItem Creator >> Ideas of Items, Able to work orderly, with Experience with MMOItem Helpers >> Sense of responsibility, Willing to help players & do little config settings #Active MythicMobs Creator >> Creativity on creating mobs & its skills, with Experience in MythicMobs Fill up the form below to apply 📥